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In 1990 Salt Lake City dentist, Dr. Ralph B. Montgomery, recognized that access to oral health care for the disadvantaged within our own community was nearly nonexistent. Many of the poorest and most destitute were forced to go without needed dental treatment. Often, as a last resort, restorable teeth were extracted because there were simply no other options available. As a result, Dr. Montgomery founded Salt Lake Donated Dental Services (SLDDS). He believed then, as he does now, that a healthy smile should not be limited to those with financial means. With community commitment, he believed those with no other access to dental services could receive sorely needed, quality dental care.

SLDDS’ primary goal is to make quality preventative and restorative dental treatment assessable to our community’s underserved. The clinic’s programs include: emergency care, preventative and periodontal maintenance, pediatric services, sedation, restorative care (fillings, crowns, bridges), and an extensive denture and partial program. Our volunteer dental professionals work five days a week, seeing an average of 20 patients a day. Patients are given the same options they might have if seeing a dentist in a private practice but because of ongoing community support, SLDDS is able to provide most of our services at no cost to the patient.