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Patient Stories

  • “Hello, my name is Cindy. I’m a single mother with two children. My success to get my teeth done and feel good about my appearance around people who I work with and in my home. In my family we have weak teeth enamel. As for me not going to the dentist I have no money to go. For me to go and get my teeth done I have to use what resources are out there. I found Donated Dental Services and thank God that they were able to do my teeth in such a fast time and have patience with me because of how much work I needed done. Thank you so much Donated Dental for getting my teeth done. I have so much confidence and self-esteem. My appearance is 100% better.”

  • “My dentures look and feel so much more natural than I expected. I am very happy with them. I strongly encourage anyone in need of dental work to visit Salt Lake Donated Dental Services. Gratefully yours.”