Salt Lake City Donated Dental Programs


1.  Donated Dental Program

SLDDS works with a corps of volunteer dentists to provide free services for the homeless and indigent. Because of the tremendous demand for free dental care, individuals seeking care enter their name into a drawing a day ahead of time and all patients who are treated are “drawn” daily.

Free Services:  801-983-0345


2.  Discounted Dental Program

For those who don’t qualify for SLDDS’ free program, SLDDS has a program where services are offered at a significantly reduced rate (the fees average about 50% less than what one might pay in a private dental office). Individuals interested in the discounted dental program may schedule appointments and payment in full is required at the time of service.

Discounted Services:  801-972-2747

For both programs, all patients must income-qualify. Proof of eligibility is required on every visit.